Winter Vacation at Snowmass

If you are looking to have an amazing vacation with all of the best that winter has to offer, Snowmass is the ultimate resort for you. Snowmass is located in Aspen, Colorado, which has come to be known for its exquisite ski conditions and gorgeous mountain ranges. Snowmass will give you the full Aspen experience; there is no need to look elsewhere. Snowmass Features Snowmass has 3332 acres of terrain and 94 trails to tantalize skiers. Vacations can choose from their choice of steeps, terrains, … [Read More...]




Necklaces Make the Outfit this Season

Tweet While it’s always a good time for jewelry, this year the stars are showing that the right necklace can truly make the outfit. Instead of sticking to the understated cords and pendants, some stars are going all out with clunky necklaces that add pizzazz and glamour to understated blouses and dresses. The trend is […]


One Direction Releases New Album – Four

TweetSince we brought you news about Harry Styles wearing a lilac sweater, Hautereport has more breaking news for One Direction fans, they appear to enjoy wearing black as a band. Shocked? As much as we are that anyone cares? Ok, ok, don’t get your panties or knickers in a twist 1D fans  – of course […]