Game of Thrones Influences Fashion

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enter site Game of thrones is everywhere right now, with the fifth season in full swing and much more readily available than ever before. The influence does not end at the books and shows, though, fans want more, more, more. That desire has certainly come into play in the fashion world, with many new designs looking conspicuously similar to garments worn by major players in GoT. Prada … [Read more...]

Jetlev Flyer Helps You Fulfill All Your Jetpack Dreams

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omprare viagra generico 200 mg consegna rapida a Genova We have all dreamed of soaring through the air on Jet packs, but now some of us can actually make this dream a reality. With the help of MS Watersports in Germany, you can fly high above the water as your friend or significant other navigates a Jet-ski that anchors and guides you through the air. Select your partner wisely-they control your fun and your view. Flying Through … [Read more...]

The Hautest Way to Travel-A Private Jet By Leave a Comment Whether you are flying halfway around the world or just a few hours away, the only way to travel is in a private jet. First class is all the rage, but when you fly first class, you still have to bend to the whims of the airline. Private jets will also get you there in much classier fashion, with at least as many amenities as first class. Benefits of Private Jet versus First … [Read more...]