All of the Wonder of Nature, None of the Hassle with Glamping

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Everyone feels the urge to get down to their roots and get back to nature sometimes, but pitching a tent and roughing it is not ideal for many.  Glamping, or glamorous camping, is an alternative that can let you get down with the most beautiful aspects of camping and experiencing nature without having to forego your comfort. When you want to go glamping, look to to … [Read more...]

Enhance your Home with These High Quality Flooring Options

When money is no object, you want the best of everything for your home. While fun furniture, additions, bathrooms, and kitchens get all the hype, your flooring affects you and your family on a fundamental level. The type of flooring that you have installed can cause or help you avoid foot and ankle problems, trap or make it easy to clean dust and contaminates that can affect … [Read more...]