What Goes Into a $100 Hot Dog?

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follow link download-1 (1)When we discuss some of world’s most decadent and expensive dishes, we are usually dealing in the realm of caviar, exotic culinary delicacies, or the world’s finest gourmet recipes. Rarely, when we’re talking about the fanciest food in the world, do hot dogs make the list. And yet, in this case, there is one dog that has most certainly earned its spot among the other outrageous gourmet dishes of the world. And don’t think for one second you’re going to be able to simply throw a basic frankfurter on the grill and turn it into a gourmet dog. No, this dog is special because of the way the meat is treated to make it a one-of-a-kind weiner experience.

viagra generico 50 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online The $100 Dragon Dog from Dougie Dog in Vancouver sure is something special. A lot of restaurants, when they’re looking to be added to one of those “ridiculously expensive foods” lists, will reach for costly ingredients such as caviar to drive the price up. But Dougie Dog owner Dougie Luv decided he’d rather work from the inside out when it came to creating his gourmet dog. He began with a foot-long bratwurst and infused it with Louis XIII Cognac that had been aged for a hundred years. Only then did he add the gourmet toppings to the dog, like kobe beef that has been seared in truffle oil, fresh lobster and his handmade picante sauce. If you’d like to join the more than 700 people who have tried this $100 hot dog, head to Dougie’s place in Vancouver.