Amazing Water Sports Gear That Will Raise the Standards on Your Fun in the Sun By Leave a Comment

Flyboards or Hoverboards

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watch The flyboard is a successful hovercraft made for the water, which is why it is sometimes called a hoverboard. The hose of the flyboard must be connected to a Jetski to function, so one of those watercrafts is required as a prerequisite to the flyboard. Once the flyboard is hooked up, there are a pair of boots that you strap into. Controls to the board are placed in each hand and secured with Velcro straps. Sitting in the water as the Jet ski is started is the easiest way to launch. As the Jet ski begins to move, the hose attached to the flyboard will tighten and it will be easier to stand up. At this point, it will be possible to straighten your legs and stand up out of the water, using the controls in your hand to choose how far above the water you fly and how fast you go.

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