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farmacia online viagra generico 200 mg a Genova Since we brought you news about Harry Styles wearing a lilac sweater, Hautereport has more breaking news for One Direction fans, they appear to enjoy wearing black as a band. Shocked? As much as we are that anyone cares? Ok, ok, don't get your panties or knickers in a twist 1D fans  - of course you know by now the band has released their long awaited album ‘Four’. To celebrate … [Read more...]

Abyss Headphones are A-blyss Sound for Audiophiles

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acquistare vardenafil Campania In pop culture we're encouraged to not go towards or stare into the abyss for fear of the the unknown. While generally a good idea hautereport has some sound advice of our own: walk, run, skip, get your Ferrari out or summon your chauffeur to purchase a pair of Abyss AB-1266, headphones that will blow your mind but not your eardrums! We previously reported on the music … [Read more...]

Tidal Brings Hi-Fi that De-Fi’s Music Streaming

usa viagra sales By Leave a Comment If you want the haute écoutant of music streaming, get with Taylor Swift and dump Spotify as they are officially last season, darlings. Coincidence or karma, Spotify announced the app is also being killed off but with the new streaming service, Tidal, crashing the shores of the music streaming industry, likelihood is Spotify would be washed out anyway. It feels like decades … [Read more...]