A Dream Hotel for Water Lovers

images (4)When officials in Dubai wanted an island chain they could fill with gorgeous hotels and resorts that sit right on the gulf, the simply built an artificial chain of islands in the gulf’s lagoon and named it Palm Jumeirah. And amidst the incredible developments that have been built on the 17 “fronds” and surrounding crescent that make up the palm tree design that gives Palm Jumeirah its name, there is a new hotel that is getting plenty of notice for having its own very special feature to entice the haute traveler. And that’s saying something in a place where hotels build giant indoor ski slopes with fake snow right in the heart of the desert just to please their guests.


The Thai-based hotel company Anantara has opened Anantara Dubai The Palm and this is certainly one fantastic hotel in the truest sense of the word. That’s because you’ll feel like you’re living in a fantasy if you stay in one of the hotel’s 18 overwater villas. These remarkable villas have been constructed over a giant lagoon-style swimming pool that runs throughout the entire collection of villas. With glass floors in each villas, guests get to literally walk on water, and when they’re ready to go for a swim they can slip directly off their balcony and into the pool. And when the resort’s interwoven system of pools becomes a bit too serene and you’re craving more action, The Palm also has a private beach right on the gulf where you can go scuba diving, paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking and more.


  1. That looks Magnificent

  2. i would love to go there.

  3. Felipa Beutler says:

    Impressive Hotel :)

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