A Swiss Ski Dream Vacation

download (8)For many people the thought of taking a mid-winter vacation conjures up images of warm, sunny beaches on some tropical island in the middle of a blue ocean. But, for some people, especially around the holidays, another kind of dream vacation consists of cozying up to a roaring fire in a gorgeous chalet nestled at the foot of a snowy mountain. Yes, ski vacations are all the rage for the haute set around Christmas time, and there is one new ski resort in Switzerland that puts all others to shame. When it comes to haute ski getaways, The brand new Chedi Andermatt in the Ursern Valley of Switzerland is the best of them all.


The Ursern Valley is freezing cold and one of the snowiest spots in Switzerland, which means it’s the perfect spot to create a remarkable mountain ski resort. Chedi Andermatt was built to be that and so much more. This $1.9 billion dollar development (yep, that’s billion with a “B”) was designed to look completely modern while still making use of the traditional materials of the region. Chedi Andermatt is home to 106 rooms and has the feel of one of the grand old mountain hotels that stood in Switzerland in the early 1900s. There are roaring fireplaces throughout the hotel and furs lying around for guests to snuggle under while they watch the snow falling in the valley outside the etched glass windows. If you and your family are looking to spend some time this winter in true haute style, visit this unforgettable resort in the quaint Swiss village.


  1. That sounds terrific! I wonder if they are booked for the season already?

  2. What a wonderful vacation that would be.

  3. Heather Luv says:

    No thanks, I’ll take my Caribbean beach.

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