See the Splendor of New Zealand From Lake Okareka Lodge

download (10)You know, one of the loveliest things about having two hemispheres, besides, you know, the whole balancing of the earth’s rotation thing, is that when it’s winter one place on earth it’s always summer someplace else. And while the days grow shorter and colder up in the northern part of the world, our friends to the south are busy making plans for how they’re going to spend their upcoming summer months. If you’ve got the means at your disposal to be a truly haute traveler, you can always make sure your schedule this time of year contains a trip down under.


The Lake Okareka Lodge in Rotorua, New Zealand is a five-star resort that is the absolute ultimate in luxury. And the people of New Zealand would be most pleased to welcome you over their summer months of December, January and February. That is when this always lush and remarkably beautiful little country reaches its peak of green and brightly colored blooms everywhere. And the Lake Okareka Lodge is nestled right in the middle of it all. The lodge sits on the tip of a secluded peninsula and it offers breathtaking views of New Zealand from every spot on the grounds of this lake house. The lodge features three incredible luxury suites that contain a lounge, an office, a spa bathroom, a giant walk-in closet and unparalleled views of the lake and mountains. Sit on your balcony and relax with a drink before the lodge’s staff sets up dinner just for you outdoors down by the lake’s edge. Lake Okareka Lodge is one the finest places from which you could ever experience the wonder that is New Zealand.


  1. I have never thought of that! It would be nice to break away from the winter and go experience summer there.

  2. New Zealand is one of my favorite destinations.

  3. Kyle Ringer says:

    The Lake Okareka Lodge is one of the best places in the world to stay.

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