Trimming Up for Summer? Follow the Stars and Try One of These 4 Facial Hair Styles By Leave a Comment

see url Chris Pratt’s Jurassic Style For a sauve/natural look, trim your beard to look like Chris Pratt’s did in Jurassic World. For this look, hair is allowed to completely surround the face, but is trimmed back to a thin line on the cheeks. Just a bit of hair is left below the lip, but is left natural and a little rugged. The mustache is trimmed, but not sculpted. … [Read more...]

4 Times Amal Clooney Wowed with Her Diverse Sense of Style By Leave a Comment

follow url Amal Clooney has definitely come into the limelight here in the U.S. since marrying good ole George and the increase in paparazzi photos has helped to bring her incredible sense of style out into the open. It seems she is never to be found without a perfectly coiffed hairstyle and gorgeous designer outfit. Her outfits are the stuff haute dreams are made of and she has presented … [Read more...]