4 Liquors That You Should Have on Your Shelf

Having some top of the line liquor on your shelf can be very helpful when you have some business associates over that you want to impress or when there is a special occasion that you want to celebrate. Liquor comes in a wide variety of styles and prices, so it can be difficult to pick the best. While there are some astronomically priced liquors, these are often more for show … [Read more...]

3 Ways That Mila Kunis Set the Bar a Little Higher for #momfashiongoals

Mila Kunis has been a bit of a fashion icon for women everywhere since her first appearance on that 70s show made us rethink our judgment of 70s style clothes. In recent years, she has shown just how fashionable moms can be – with the right designer labels and mix of styles. Kunis is ever stunning and coifed to the tee, setting new standards for #momfashiongoals. Last Year’s … [Read more...]

Tidal Brings Hi-Fi that De-Fi’s Music Streaming

If you want the haute écoutant of music streaming, get with Taylor Swift and dump Spotify as they are officially last season, darlings. Coincidence or karma, Spotify announced the app is also being killed off but with the new streaming service, Tidal, crashing the shores of the music streaming industry, likelihood is Spotify would be washed out anyway. It feels like decades … [Read more...]