Game of Thrones Epic Vacation

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farmacia viagra generico 25 mg a Venezia got-vacationIf you are a Game of thrones fan, you may have dreamed of visiting Westeros at one time or another. The seven kingdoms are just fantasy, though, right? Not exactly. While the seven kingdoms of the book series are purely fantasy, the filming locations are real places. Game of Thrones doesn’t use a whole lot of green screening to reproduce the stunning locations, either, most of the filming covers real landscapes and uses real buildings in the scenes. This makes it entirely possible for haute fans to get the royal treatment while viewing the actual places filmed in Game of Thrones.

Northern Ireland is Winterfell The series starts out in Ireland, as this is the backdrop used to depict Winterfell, home of the noble Starks. The rolling green hills, snowy forests, and gorgeous woodlands that the Starks and other royal houses travel through during the first season can all be found in Ireland. To make the trip even better, there are many castles that can be visited for a truly medieval feel. If you want to do a GoT tour while in Ireland, tickets can be purchased for not-so-haute prices that will bring you via coach through several of the locations used in filming the series.

Croatia Brings Kinds Landing to Life

levitra 20 mg dosaggio King’s Landing is set in the walled city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia. The city can be toured in a day as part of a cruise excursion or just as an activity for visitors in the area. Don’t expect to see any characters, though.

Filming Locations in Spain

go to link This season focuses on Dorne, which is filmed in Spain. Several cities, including Seville, Madrid, Osuna, and Granada are used for filming, giving you a variety of vacation locations. These spectacular locations are pretty enough for pictures, but there are also many real life battle locations that can be explored. Take the GoT tour for a different twist on your next vacation!

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