Necklaces Make the Outfit this Season By Leave a Comment stars-necklaces While it’s always a good time for jewelry, this year the stars are showing that the right necklace can truly make the outfit. Instead of sticking to the understated cords and pendants, some stars are going all out with clunky necklaces that add pizzazz and glamour to understated blouses and dresses. The trend is picking up speed and jewelry designers are offering ever better selections of gorgeous statement necklaces and elaborate chokers. Stars are showing off their bling on the red carpets and in paparazzi shoots. The following descriptions go in order of the above pictures.

Margot Robbie-Tassel Necklace

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Firenze Margot Robbie stunned with a black gown and a tassel statement necklace at the Oscars earlier this year. The gold, diamonds, and bold flash of blue perfectly complimented her bright red lipstick and simple black gown. The colors of her necklace also highlighted the gold of her hair and the blue of her eyes.

Jennifer Gardner-Historic Royalty Platinum and Diamonds Jennifer Gardner’s platinum and diamonds drew eyes on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2013 and the look is still used by stars today to help figure out what to wear. Gardner wore a simple sleeveless purple Gucci gown with the elaborate platinum and diamond necklace and matching earrings. The necklace design is truly one of a kind, as it was a piece from European royal family and was crafted around 1850.

Olivia Palerma-Crystal Pendant Necklace

online accutane Olivia Palerma was all simple elegance with a black off-the shoulder tunic and a white crystal statement necklace. The triple band style of the necklace added a little something extra without going over the top.

Tanya Dziahileva-Diamond Collar Necklace

offerte limitate viagra Tanya Dziahileva showed off her stuff at the Cannes Film festival in May. Her white blouse and the bling from the thousands of diamonds around her neck highlighted her platinum blond hair and fair skin, but also framed her bright blue eyes, making them stand out that much more.

Scarlet Johansson-Green Collar Necklace

lasix 10 mg Last but certainly not least, Scarlett Johansson went super bold with a humungous green collar necklace that covered her neck and plunged down into her cleavage. She wore a green dress that matched the necklace exactly. Her mismatched earring offset the look, slightly, but the green made her pale skin and hair look lively and exuberant.

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