The Elusive Vegas Dinner at ‘E’

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dove acquistare levitra originale pagamento online download-31One of the most important parts of living a haute lifestyle is feeling like you have access to the world’s most exclusive offerings and that the “I” in VIP applies to you wherever you go. To this end, when smart business owners want to draw the rich and famous to their establishment, it’s smart if they create an oh-so exclusive area where only the best of the best are allowed to enter. If you tell people they can’t get in, they want in, period. And this is how you end up with a very successful business.

quanto costa viagra generico 100 mg in farmacia a Milano Jose Andres, the owner of Valeo restaurant inside The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, understands this business concept very well. And that is why he opened “E,” a second restaurant inside of Valeo that caters to a most exclusive clientele. E offers an amazing 20-course tasting menu of more than a dozen different Spanish dishes that are described by Andres as “avant garde.” E is set along a steel chef’s bar and only seats 8 people, which makes it highly desirable among haute foodies. Also, reservations at E open up 90 days in advance of a dinner and can only be made through email. So, only a very few people end up being able to experience this meal, which costs a couple hundred dollars per person. And that makes it one of the most desirable dinners in all of Vegas.