The Orient-Express Takes to the Rivers

download (7)The name Orient-Express is most certainly synonymous with travel, even if you might have to watch your back and neck for murder while you’re riding upon one of their famous train routes. But while we instantly associate the Orient-Express with train travel, we certainly don’t think of that famous name when think about cruises. And that is exactly what the Orient-Express company would like to change. The company also makes cruisers, and these are not intended in any way to be those massive cruise liners that pack in thousands of passengers, but rather small, tastefully elegant cruisers that cater to a more haute crowd.

The latest cruiser by the Orient-Express is named Oracella, and it’s a beauty of a ship that is just 200 feet long and which has a new home on the remote rivers of Burma. The Orient-Express is offering 11-night cruises along destinations such as the Chindwin River and along the way the lucky guests will get to explore ancient sites such as Monywa, which is the location of 500 Buddhist chambers that have been carved into a hillside. This remarkable site is just one of the many historical sites you’ll visit in this remote Burmese spot. The Oracella will also cruise in other spots other than the Chindwin itinerary; another cruise will wind up the Ayeyarwady River after starting out near the foothills of Yunnan by the border of China. Starting at $5000 per person, these cruises will offer guests plenty of leisure time both on board the cruiser and exploring these unforgettable locales.

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