Tidal Brings Hi-Fi that De-Fi’s Music Streaming

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enter If you want the haute écoutant of music streaming, get with Taylor Swift and dump Spotify as they are officially last season, darlings. Coincidence or karma, Spotify announced the app is also being killed off but with the new streaming service, Tidal, crashing the shores of the music streaming industry, likelihood is Spotify would be washed out anyway.

generic levitra fake It feels like decades since terms like ‘Hi-Fi’ have been used in relation to music but Tidal is responsible for a revival and you’re gonna love it! They’ve upped the ante of the listening experience to CD quality streaming. But what does the sound quality look like? While Spotify offers 320kbps music, Tidal has the full CD sampling rate of 44 kHz, 16bit and at a bitrate of 1411kbps. For audiophile virgins, look at the one with the higher numbers and that’s the winner! Tidal kbps is four times the rate of Spotify, a Tsunami of a difference that will leave other music streaming services in its wake. Tidal’s higher figures will also hit your wallet, but for you who wants the haute de  haute experience this is small change. Yes, it’s double the price, $20 compared to Spotify’s $10. But if you’re Hi on Fi and out to impress, it’s a no brainer. Besides the fact Tidal includes music videos in their catalog.

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