When Visiting Coastal California, These Luxury Resorts Are a Must-See

Coastal California is like no place on Earth. The beaches are amazingly beautiful, the architecture is tasteful and blends right into the natural scenery, and the food is to die for. When visiting coastal California, it is imperative to stay at the very best resorts in order to truly get the California experience. Check into one of the following luxury resorts and have the ultimate California dream.

The Resort at Pelican Hill


If Newport Beach is your destination, you simply must stay at Pelican Hill. The 504 acre resort is identifiable by its white columns, incredible pools that can be found both inside and outside, and the food. There is a pasta room that has strict temperature controls to ensure that the pasta that is made fresh by hand daily is always absolutely perfect. The villas have 24-hour butler and concierge service and there are ornate fireplaces and marble baths in the bungalows and villas. You will feel likeroyalty when you stay at this resort.

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