You Need These Haute Accessories for Your Hot Car

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pramipexole similar drugs to viagra If you have a hot car with all the bells and whistles, you’ve just got to make sure your accessories are up to snuff, too. There’s no room for low-rank gear in a car that cost you a grand sum of money. You want to not only ride in style, but enjoy all of the creature comforts that can help you to distinguish your car from the rest.

Maybach Fragrance Diffuser maybach-zeppelin-scent-diffuser-528x322 Owning a Maybach is the epitome of class, but sometimes the new car smell just isn’t enough. If you have a classic Maybach, the new car smell may also be long gone. Never to worry, however. You can now get a Maybach fragrance diffuser for just $5,000. The diffuser is small and inconspicuous, but will keep your car smelling fantastic. There is a button that you push to release the fragrance.